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The MTA NSW is a non-profit organisation that is able to operate its programs and support its network with thanks to the ongoing support of our community. Thank you for your support! Click here to make a Donation

Teaching fees – 2024

MTA NSW sets out minimum rates for accredited music teachers in private studios. A variety of factors affect teaching rates, including employment status, years of experience, and whether the teacher travels to the student. Rates may be adjusted accordingly. The MTA of NSW has determined that the 2024 minimum Recommended Teaching Fees for Accredited Members…
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Give Aussie Kids The Full Deal

Now the Australian Curriculum has arrived, every Aussie kid should receive a quality classroom music education. Yet research tells us most states cannot deliver The Full Deal. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? Think again. Research also shows that kids who study music properly not only gain skills in this beautiful artform: they may do…
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