The Non-Scary Guide to Super-Useful Composition Software: Notation and DAWs

The Non-Scary Guide to Super-Useful Composition Software: Notation and DAWs

Presented by Katie Wardrobe

Two of the most useful programs that all musicians can learn are notation software and digital audio workstations (known as "DAW" for short - examples include GarageBand, Soundtrap, Logic, Bandlab and more). Although software and technology in general can change quite frequently, the good news is that the different notation programs and digital audio workstations work in a similar way to one another, so once you know one it’s not too much of a stretch to learn another one. 

So which notation programs are your students using? What are the best options?

How are students using digital audio workstations? And what’s available?

During this workshop, we’ll answer those questions and more. Discover the commonly-used software options in each category, what’s available for a range of devices and learn some basics. From creating scores, to recording and editing performances and making your own backing tracks, we’ll explore how students are using the software and why it can be SO useful for you as a teacher too!

We’ll also look at basic tech gear options such as MIDI keyboards and simple-to-use microphones.

There will be an “ask me anything, no question is too silly” time during the workshop, so bring along your tech questions!

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Katie Wardrobe is a music technology speaker, trainer, consultant, and podcaster who is passionate about helping music teachers through her business Midnight Music. She runs hands-on workshops and presents regularly at conferences in Australia and overseas as a Keynote speaker or clinician. Katie offers online training and support to hundreds of music teachers all over the world through her music technology professional development online community - the Midnight Music Community - and also through her series of free monthly webinars which were attended by more than 20,000 teachers in 2020 alone. Katie is also the author of the keyboard and technology program for middle school students titled Studio Sessions (published by MusicEDU) and the host of the Music Tech Teacher podcast which has more than 135 episodes.

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