Irina Saakyan

Irina Saakyan



20 years of teaching experience- both private tutoring and in a college of music: Piano performance (beginner students to conservatory level); Theory and History of Music; pedagogy and methodology of teaching;

20 years of experience as a Piano Accompanist, full member of Accompanist Guild of NSW: performed with students at AMEB exams up to LMusA level, various music competitions and concerts in Australia and overseas, great variety of music of any complexity and authors from early to contemporary music;

Experience as a Soloist Piano Performer and performing with chamber orchestra at local concerts;

Experience as a Choir Concertmaster with a college of music choir, transposing and arranging music for choir. Irina sings in a local choir.



PhD course “Soloist Piano Performer and Tertiary Lecturer” in Astrakhan State Conservatory, Russia, completed in 2005;

Master degree in piano teaching and performance (Piano teacher and concertmaster) in Astrakhan State Conservatory, Russia, 1998;

Diploma “Piano teacher, concertmaster and chamber orchestra” in Makhachkala Music College, 1993;

Music school (10 years) 1989.



Teaching piano - entry level to conservatory level,

Piano accompanist at AMEB exams any level, music competitions, master-classes, auditions, teaching classes and formal functions. Settings: chamber/symphony orchestra, duo piano/strings/winds/brass/voice solo/choir


Irina Saakyan

Irina is very passionate about classical music and is very happy to share her knowledge and experience by teaching her students. She is very serious and hardworking when it comes to a performance of any level. Irina has graduated from conservatory in Russia and adopted well known Russian school and traditions of piano performance and teaching. Irina can make it an interesting journey for beginner students when it comes to their first lessons as well as work on very subtle details with experienced students through their understanding of form and content, interpretation and technique of music piece they work on with her. Students whom she collaborated with as an accompanist were always happy to have Irina as their accompanist and received high scores at AMEB exams.