Mahoor Jadidi

Mahoor Jadidi

I have 20 years of work experience as music teacher, guitar teacher, music composer and performer in university and various private institutions in Tehran, Iran and Sydney, Australia. Through these years I gained my strong foundation in the areas of Music Theory and Harmony, Musical Composition, vocal pop and knowledge and understanding in popular and jazz music. My areas of expertise are playing guitar and teaching Classical, Spanish, Flamenco, Persian, Mediterranean and South American music.

My music inclination is hone by attending and finishing formal education in music. I have completed my Bachelor of Music (Performance) from International Conservatory of Music in Sydney, Associate Degree in World Musical Instrument from Nahavand Conservatory Open Higher Education Institute, Iran and Advanced Diploma in Music from Jame Elmi Karbordi University in Iran. I am currently enrolled in Suzuki Talent Education Association (NSW) aiming to complete the Suzuki Guitar-Certificate III.

As the highlight of each year, I also provide high quality concerts for students and I also perform with my professional band yearly in Australia and various countries. I had a very successful concert with my band, it was held in China in 2019. Some performances are available on YouTube under my name Mahoor Jadidi or Ryde Music Center.

With a lifelong love of music, I'm fully committed and hope to inspire all my students and hope to bring out their full potential. I am a very committed and reliable music teacher with the ability to relate well to children, parents, colleagues and school staff. I can adapt well to a multicultural environment and all age students.

Facebook: Ryde Music Centre

YouTube channel: Ryde Music Centre or Mahoor Jadidi

Studio: U8/No.1 Maxim Street, West Ryde NSW 2114

Member, International Federation of Musician (Music Composer – 665)