Pamela Heggaton

Pamela Heggaton


Pamela has been teaching piano since 1982, owning one of the largest teaching studios in the Riverina for 17 years. Over this time she developed her own teaching system, the ALM or ACCELERATED LEARNING METHOD, based loosely on the Suzuki teaching method.

After coming to Canberra in 1999, she introduced the method locally and it has become so popular that she has a long waiting list. The premise that students learn faster when given the means to play two hands together from the first lesson, and the reading of the music becoming secondary, has appealed to the 'I want it now' generation.

This premise is successful for all beginners, but because Pamela teaches the AMEB syllabus up to the higher grades, conservative teaching methods are introduced as the student develops. Excellent results over years have proved that both methods can exist side by side and work in co-operation.

Pamela has a degree in composition, and is well known in Canberra for her painted portraiture and photographic skills

( Brilliant Family Photography)