Ron Dolan

Ron Dolan


Teacher of Classical Guitar, Guitar & Theory

About Me

I began studying the piano at age 7 but was quickly drawn to the evocative sounds of the guitar. This led me to change instruments at 10 and undertake a lifelong study of the guitar. My relationship with the guitar blossomed into a life long career as a player, teacher, performer, composer and perpetual student of the instrument.

My early guitar career began with performing in rock bands however, I soon became absorbed with the subtle sounds of classical, jazz and Latin American music. This led to me to a formal music education graduating with a Teachers Licentiate (Distinction) in Guitar from Trinity College of London.

During more than 30 years of teaching all ages and levels, my professional appointments have included universities, performing arts schools and conservatories, as well as adjudicating guitar competitions.

For you, the student

My approach to teaching is grounded in a deep interest in developing my fellow human being through the medium of music and the guitar. While talent, dedication and commitment are essential ingredients to succeed in playing the instrument, equally and if not more importantly, a deep love and passion for music is crucial.

This combination when integrated with the individuals natural talent, provides a winning formula and is what I seek to engender in my students. I regard myself as an empathic, patient and dedicated teacher who seeks to help you achieve your goal whether that is the casual or formal study of the instrument including formal examinations.

I would welcome your enquiry so please feel free to call me to discuss your own personal musical dreams!

Lean your body forward slightly to support the guitar against your chest, for the poetry of the music should resound in your heart"

Andrés Segovia