Roshinee Weerakkody

Roshinee Weerakkody

Roshinee Weerakkody is a Sydney based qualified piano teacher, with L.T.C.L. Solo Piano teaching and A.T.C.L. in Piano forte Teaching. She is a fully accredited teacher and Member of the Music Teachers' Association of New South Wales. Roshinee has more than 20 years of teaching experience with 10 years of Studio Teaching experience in Sydney, Australia; and more than 10 years of Studio, High school and Primary school teaching overseas;

Currently she runs an independent piano teaching studio where she teaches a variety of students from very young beginners through to mature aged students. She is inspired to make a difference through music in every student’s life. Her belief in every student's potential inspires her to motivate them to excel to achieve their personal best. She actively seeks to stay current and further her professional development as a teacher, by regularly attending Music Teachers' Association events as well as music conferences and workshops.

She considers herself very organized, as it is vital in order to manage a private business, preparing lessons, organizing music appreciation workshops, on top of being a mother. She believes students benefit immensely from a balance of off bench learning through games, music appreciation, discussions as well as standard lessons; and she implements this in her teaching. As a studio piano teacher she endeavours to develop independent learning skills in her students and believes in providing a holistic musical and learning experience in an enjoyable environment.

 Through the past two decades of teaching she has touched many lives with an honest and genuine approach in teaching, resulting in building well balanced, creative, students who have excelled in both piano as well as theory. Roshinee, strives to keep her students motivated by teaching them repertoire of different styles and genres, and trains students for both Trinity and AMEB exams in piano, theory and musicianship.

Studio located at Ermington