Roxanne Kiely

Roxanne Kiely

Vocal Coach | Songwriter | Musician | Performer | Author | |Producer 

Accredited Teacher with the Music Teachers Association of NSW. 

Roxanne is the director of the ever-expanding music-school ScoopFX Music that she runs with her partner, Stephen Kiely. The studios are in Sydney’s North West district. 

As singers, musicians, performers and song-writers, they bring a wealth of knowledge to their lessons in vocal development, piano, guitar, bass guitar, music theory, song-writing, studio production, performance, camera technique and staging.  Including writing and producing books, songs, and music for children.  

Roxanne’s artistic practice focuses on nurturing emerging Australian talent and strongly emphasises mentoring and developing the talents of artists of all ages, connecting them with opportunities to participate and gain artistic experience.  

Roxanne and Stephen co-song-write with their students, these songs are produced and engineered at the recording studio at ScoopFX Music. 

Vocal Coach for over 20 years: Roxanne tutors in Singing – Speech - Guitar - Music Theory - Musicianship - Songwriting and Performance.  

**The creator, artistic director and co-songwriter for the Busy Izzy and Friends children’s multi-media series: Focussing on Fun, Friendship and Healthy Food. 

Vocal technique lessons include: 

  • Pain Free Singing   
  • Voice Placement  
  • Range Extension  
  • Projection  
  • Articulation  
  • Register Vocal Blending  
  • Tonality and Control 
  • Breath Support, stamina and More… 


Roxanne's talents in mentoring young artists is evidenced through the success of the stellar list of students she has developed including; Delta Goodrem, since she was 9 years old until she was 21 years, Bec Hewitt, Marlisa (X-Factor winner), Ella Hooper, Hayley Warner (co-writer of “Never Really Over” for Katy Perry), Nick de la Hoyde, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Ivy Adara, to name a few.  

As well as working with emerging artists at Mushroom Music and SONY Music and the Tamworth Country Music Academy. 

Testimonials from some her students: 

“Thank you for believing in me from the start. I love you to bits. Happiness always.” Delta  

“Roxanne, my artists are LOVING their sessions with you. I was with them earlier today in the studio and they are sounding AMAZING! Thanks so much for your work on this one – They seem to be finding their signature sounds really naturally now!” 


"Roxanne has been teaching me for years. I walked in as a mumbly, angsty teenager who, at the time, was incredibly hard to understand any word I was singing. Roxanne has coached me into singing in the right area. The moment I found this ‘area’ it was like I had no ceiling and no pain and completely at ease vocally…just magic!  Roxanne takes no excuses for vocal laziness; she lives and breathes singing teaching. I have watched my singing ability skyrocket with her coaching me every step of the way. I believe she is the best in the business.  

A lady who can sing her way out of vocal nodules is evidence enough that what she does is pretty incredible." Hayley Warner 

“Roxanne, thank you so much for being an amazing teacher! Thank you for improving my singing and for believing in me and teaching me so much. I am so blessed to have you as my singing teacher” Marlisa – Winner X-Factor  

After "singing" for many years I had developed nodules on my vocal cords and sought relief before imminent surgery. From lesson, actually; minute one, Roxanne identified the problem and rectified my vocal technique.” Steve Edmonds 

Further, Roxanne is the co-founder and President of the not-for-profit song-writing organisation: Songsalive! Australia, which supports Australian songwriters via workshops and seminars, performance showcases and a resourceful website. Since 1997, she has voluntarily worked to improve conditions for Australian songwriters.  

**Busy Izzy and Friends currently boasts: Picture books for 3-8 years: that feature rhythm and rhyme and healthy recipes - Award winning songs - Fun and interactive video clips and an all new stage show.   The series is endorsed by the World Literacy Foundation. 

Songs from the Busy Izzy and Friends catalogue, co-written with Stephen Kiely, have won many awards. Students from ScoopFX Music school are featured on the songs for the series. 

The three books published to date: 

  • Busy Izzy and Friends 
  • Busy Izzy and Newly Truly – The Big Surprise! 
  • Busy Izzy and Talkative Tess  

Born and raised on a farm, in a musical family, and writing songs, stories and poetry from the age of seven, Roxanne has made a significant contribution to the Australian music industry. She has released two albums of original music, won many songwriting awards, and has had songs featured on international television programs and, more recently, on a popular ABC Radio compilation.  

Roxanne has toured Australia, New Zealand and the USA as a singer/songwriter, the lead singer and guitarist in bands and in theatre production shows.