Teaching Fees: 2024

MTA NSW sets out minimum rates for accredited music teachers in private studios. A variety of factors affect teaching rates, including employment status, years of experience, and whether the teacher travels to the student. Rates may be adjusted accordingly.

The MTA of NSW has determined that the 2024 minimum Recommended Teaching Fees for Accredited Members of this Association are as follows:

$102.00 per hour (Private)
$112.20 per hour (Private) with GST included

$138.00 per hour (Group)
$152.00 per hour with GST included
(Group – based on 3-6 students)

Please note that these are recommended minimum fees.

These rates are usually adjusted annually to allow for inflation.

Factors affecting teaching fees

Teachers may charge more than the recommended rate for many reasons, including

  • They travel to students’ houses
  • They have many years of experience or have very high qualifications
  • They work in a specialist area

Teachers may be paid less than the recommended rate for reasons including

  • They are an employee, provided with benefits such as paid leave and superannuation
  • They work for an organisation that provides a teaching space, equipment, insurance, and takes care of sourcing and billing students.

For teachers who work in organisations, whether or not they pay rent for their teaching studios should be taken into account.