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Donate to your Association

The MTA NSW is a non-profit organisation that is able to operate its programs and support its network with thanks to the ongoing support of our community. Thank you for your support! Click here to make a Donation

Teaching fees – 2024

MTA NSW sets out minimum rates for accredited music teachers in private studios. A variety of factors affect teaching rates, including employment status, years of experience, and whether the teacher travels to the student. Rates may be adjusted accordingly. The MTA of NSW has determined that the 2024 minimum Recommended Teaching Fees for Accredited Members…
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Website Fees – 2021

To be listed on the MTA’s website, you must be either a Full Member of the Association or an Accredited teacher, therefore ensuring all teachers listed are fully qualified. The current website fees are as follows: Description MTA Member Non MTA Member Initial Setup Fee $NIL $50.00 Add New Photo/Biography and Weblink $NIL $55.00 Yearly…
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New Wirripang Initiative

The MTA is proud to be associated with Wirripang Pty Ltd and congratulates the publisher on their new initiative, ‘Wirripang New Composition’ to enable the winner of a recognised competition to have that work published. Please refer to for further details.

The Working with Children Check and You

The Working with Children Check and You It is law in NSW that all people who work with children under the age of 18 years must maintain a Working with Children check. This includes self-employed studio music teachers. For more information, please visit: Parents check the Check For more information on advice to parents…
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