For Teachers

The Music Teachers’ Association exists to look after our members. We hope that all instrumental and vocal teachers will join us and become a part of our community!


MTA NSW offers a range of benefits for its members, including:

  • Teacher referral service
  • Professional development, including free monthly online workshops on a variety of topics
  • Social events, connecting teachers in various areas of NSW
  • Events for students, including scholarships, concerts and Junior Music Festivals
  • Benevolent Fund to help teachers in distress
  • The Studio, our quarterly magazine
  • Post nominals 'MMTA' for Accredited teachers

Types of Membership

Membership is available in four levels:

  • Accredited Membership, for teachers who hold an approved level of qualifications or experience
  • Membership, for teachers who have not yet met the criteria for accreditation
  • Student Membership, for teachers who are studying music full-time
  • Friend Membership, for retired teachers and members of the public

More about Membership, including how to join


MTA NSW is the accrediting body for instrumental and vocal teachers.

Accreditation is the attainment of an acceptable level of music teaching skills.  An Accredited private music teacher is considered to be able to teach effectively and competently. Although Accreditation is not a condition of membership of the MTA of NSW, it is hoped that all teachers would wish to become Accredited Members of the MTA.

Requirements for Accreditation

Music teachers may apply for Accreditation under three categories:

  • Category A, Formal Qualifications: teachers may hold a degree or diploma in music/music education, or meet a minimum level of qualifications in each of performance, music theory and pedagogy
  • Category B, Professional Experience: teachers provide evidence of successful professional teaching, including e.g. references, CV, exam and adjudicator reports, etc.
  • Category C, Contemporary: teachers provide evidence of skills in contemporary teaching and performance

Successful applicants may use the post-nominals MMTA, for Member of the Music Teachers’ Association. Bursaries are available to help teachers to meet the requirements of Accreditation.

More about Accreditation

Professional Development

MTA NSW encourages its members to take part in ongoing professional development, to enhance their skills and keep up with the latest research into musical pedagogy.

We offer various types of professional development, including face-to-face and live-streamed workshops, online sessions, and conferences.

More about Professional Development

Teaching fees

MTA NSW sets out minimum rates for accredited music teachers in private studios. A variety of factors affect teaching rates, including employment status, years of experience, and whether the teacher travels to the student. Rates may be adjusted accordingly.

More about Recommended Teaching Fees


We aim to provide many resources for our members. These include