MTA NSW offers a range of benefits for its members, including

Teacher Referral Service

Members' names and teaching details are maintained in a database at the MTA’s office. When the general public make enquiries regarding music teachers, they are referred to a member in a suitable location. Those seeking teachers are also able to take advantage of the “Teacher Search” section of our website to assist with finding a teacher.

The Studio

Members receive the Association’s magazine, The Studio on a quarterly basis. The Studio contains news and articles of interest to music teachers. Members may choose to access the magazine online.

Professional Development

All members are encouraged to attend the various professional development workshops, seminars, master classes and in-service courses that are offered by the MTA throughout the year. Details of these events are published in The Studio and on this website.

Events for Students

Student concerts provide students with an opportunity to play in front of a friendly audience. They are held in various locations in Sydney, Newcastle and the Illawarra.

Junior Music Festivals offer young music students under 16 the opportunity to perform in a friendly, relaxed and encouraging environment. They are for any instrument or voice, and are based on students’ grades, not ages, so even late beginners have a chance to shine.

Scholarships are offered on a regular basis to encourage performance experience and further study opportunities for aspiring young musicians and vocalists. They are offered in a variety of instrumental and vocal fields.

Benevolent Fund

The MTA Board administers a Benevolent Fund. This fund exists solely to help and support music teachers and fellow musicians and their families in times of hardship, brought about through illness, accident or financial distress. Each case is treated with the strictest confidence. Donations to the Benevolent Fund are always welcome.

Social events

The MTA enjoys bringing its members into contact with each other. Various events are organised throughout the year and are advertised in The Studio.

Post nominals

Full members of the MTA are entitled to append the post-nominals MMTA after their name.

Types of membership

Accredited Membership

Accreditation is the attainment of an acceptable level of music teaching skills. Accredited members are teachers who hold qualifications or experience to a standard approved by the MTA Accreditation Committee.

Music teachers may apply for accreditation under three categories:

  • Category A, Formal Qualifications: teachers may hold a degree or diploma in music/music education, or meet a minimum level of qualifications in each of performance, music theory and pedagogy
  • Category B, Professional Experience: teachers provide evidence of successful professional teaching, including e.g. references, CV, exam and adjudicator reports, etc.
  • Category C, Contemporary: teachers provide evidence of skills in contemporary teaching and performance

Accreditation is not a condition of membership, but it is hoped that all teachers would work towards Accreditation.

More about Accreditation


Membership is also available to teachers without formal qualifications, or those with insufficient qualifications to qualify for Accredited Membership. Members who are not yet accredited are able to participate fully in all MTA events, as are their students.

Student Membership

Student members are teachers who are studying music full-time in a recognised tertiary degree or diploma. They receive a discount on their membership fees. Student membership may only be held for four years and evidence of student status must be included with the membership application form.

Friend Membership

Friend Membership is for retired teachers, interested members of the public, parents, grandparents, siblings, in fact any individual of the community who is not currently teaching music. We welcome all supporters to become Friend Members!

How do I apply?

You can download an application form, or contact the office on 02 8000 3780 and an application form will be emailed to you.

Frequently asked questions

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the process of formal recognition of attainment of an acceptable level of music teaching skills. An accredited private music teacher is considered to be able to teach effectively and may also hold an appropriate music teaching degree or diploma. More about Accreditation

What sort of qualifications do I need to become an Accredited Member?

Accredited Membership requires formal qualifications, or evidence of successful professional teaching, in classical or contemporary context. More about Accreditation

Can I join if I have no qualifications but have teaching experience?

Yes, you may still apply for Membership. Whilst Accreditation is not a condition of membership, it is hoped that all teachers would wish to become Accredited Members of the MTA.

Do I need to know a Member of the Association to join?

No, this is not necessary.

After the application is completed, what is the process of approval?

The application is submitted to the membership committee of our Board. The committee then determines the appropriate level of membership and you will be advised in writing. Newly approved members will then be asked to forward the annual membership fee (or for the remaining part of the year). Once received, membership will be granted and you will be forwarded a Membership Certificate and Membership card, a copy of the MTA's Constitution and our Code of Ethics. Accredited members are entitled to use the post-nominals MMTA.

Can I join the MTA if I am not a music teacher?

Yes, members of the public are welcome to join as Friend members.

What does annual MTA NSW membership cost?

The following fees are payable for 2024:

Membership TypeFee
Metropolitan Sydney, Newcastle and Illawarra Branches$140.00
Country, interstate and international$120.00
Student (studying tertiary degree or diploma full-time)$65.00

Download a membership application

Click here to download a membership application form.