Rosalind Carlson

Rosalind Carlson

Rosalind is an Australian composer who is gaining international recognition. She enjoys considerable success as a teacher, guest lecturer (Aust. Int. Conservatorium of Music Sydney in teacher professional development courses), composer, conductor (of internationally acclaimed Carlson Chorale), performer, singer, examiner and adjudicator.

Currently, Rosalind has seven publications of instrumental and choral works and a CD 'Australian Compositions for Piano' (1990-95) on the market. Her series of graded exercises for beginner pianists 'Flexi-Fingers' has enjoyed enormous success since its publication in 1992.

Published books/works:
1. A graphic keyboard tutor 'Flexi-Fingers for Beginning Pianists' (1992)
2. Flexi-Fingers 'Work Book - piano (1993)
3. Flexi-fingers 'Five Concert Pieces' - piano (1993)
4. 'Three Australian Landscapes' - piano (1996)
5. 'Psalms of Joy' S,S,A,A, Choral a cappella (1997)
6. 'Waterfall in Spring' - flute/piano ensemble (1997)
7. 'Hear the Angels Sing' - miniature cantata - treble voices, piano, flute, trumpet, cello, percussion (1999)
8. 'Hear the Angels Sing' - soprano solo/piano (200)

Also available:
'Mother Hen and the Chicks' - violin/piano
'Broomstick Scherzo' - bassoon/piano
'Australian Bushfire' - violin/piano

The Sydney born Australian composer's musical works reveal a natural absorption of the Australian environment which surrounds her in a country of vast contrasts.

Published by Flexi-Fingers Publications.