Susan Philippa

Susan Philippa

Graduating from the University of Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, Susan holds a Bachelor of Music with a double major in Wind Ensemble Studies and Studio Teaching where she studied with clarinettist and pedagogue, Dr Ian Cook. Susan also holds a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of New England, Armidale.

Committed to her studies in music, Susan was an annual scholarship holder with the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music for studies in voice. During this time Susan studied piano, and a variety of woodwind instruments with teachers including Clive Amadio.

Susan is a passionate instrumental teacher with strong philosophies in music education that are embedded in her work as a composer, ensemble director and in her private studio. She has published many works for the specific task of training and engaging young performers, including a repertoire of 20 modern studies titled Pretty Cool For School.

Serving the community for many years, Susan has held the position of Band Director and Instrumental Teacher in several school music programs, and continues to engage students in their participation through the development and rich culture of music education.

A conductor in the BandLink program since 2013, Susan's ensembles and students have celebrated much success in performances as recording artists, competitors, in examinations and in live performance at both school and community events. She has a particular interest in working with children from a variety of backgrounds and is experienced with students who have additional needs. Susan enjoys collaborating in workshops and band camps, gaining much satisfaction in participating in the joy of music making with each of her students.

The diversity of her teaching and bespoke nature of her lessons can be seen in the training and performances of her studio stage band, the Jazz Monkeys. Susan draws on her rich knowledge and experience as both an experienced performing artist and in music business.

Susan enjoys collaborating with her peers, and particularly enjoys joint ventures, where a combination of a variety of approaches to the teaching and learning environment, can expand the experiences of everyone in the pedagogical context, truly encompassing the ethos of music and the generous spirit of sharing this culture.