Tamit Shah

Tamit Shah

I provide students of all levels and ages the opportunity to learn & discover the gift of music.

  • One to one or group lessons
  • Classical or Contemporary styles of music: Rock - Blues- Jazz- Flamenco
  • AMEB and HSC Examination Preparation
  • Learn to play and read music with your chosen song

 The point of difference is my mutual passion for spreading the importance of music within each student’s life and their chosen instrument. I believe that the Guitar has the ability to:

| Teach you perseverance
| Enhance your coordination and memory
| Improve your reading and comprehension skills
| Increase your responsibility
| Exposes you to cultural history
| Sharpens your concentration
| Fosters your self-expression, creativity and relieves stress
| Creates a sense of achievement
| And teaches you discipline

I adapt teaching methods to suit you and your music dreams, implementing patience and focus within each lesson. I strive to give clarity and deeper understanding on methods of improvement to keep you on the right track to learn and consume as much knowledge about your chosen songs and playing techniques.

Instruments: Electric, Acoustic, Classical or Contemporary, Music theory, AMEB and HSC Exam preparations